Taking Our Country Back: Citizens In Charge!

MAFA KY is the official Kentucky chapter of Make Americans Free Again. We have committed to stop tyranny and the decimation of both the U.S. and Kentucky Constitutions.

To learn more, click here and watch the 12 minute video in the header.


MAFA KY is a non-partisan, grassroots movement created to unite all liberty-loving Kentuckians who are angered by the excessive, illegal and destructive government actions over the past year. These have dealt serious injury to our economy, our families, and, especially, our children.

We will no longer sit by as our power-mad governor, “public health” agencies, elected officials and unelected bureaucrats destroy our Commonwealth, using a virus with a 99.74% recovery rate as their cover.

We are also sick of the bad political actors in Frankfort who are unwilling to stand up on behalf of their constituents, who clearly do not respect personal freedom, and who are unwilling to hold themselves and each other accountable. Shame on our “super majority” legislature for their cowardly behavior during the 2021 session!

All elected officials make a sacred oath to God and to all Kentuckians to uphold the Constitution.

To those who aren’t honoring your oath: we are coming for your seat.


Successfully opposing the growing government tyranny over our lives requires that ALL freedom-loving Kentuckians speak with a united voice. MAFA KY is organizing citizens by voting districts to control electoral outcomes so as to eliminate bad political actors and empower good ones.


We have assembled teams of volunteers to execute strategies to curtail government intrusions according to specific goals, now and into the future.


  • Build a massive voter database (see “What You Can Do” below)
  • Resist and reverse government overreach (see Action Items top of sidebar)
  • Find and support political and judicial candidates (click for details)
  • Build a primary and general election coalition
  • Rebuild after COVID-19
  • Establish a superior medical system that promotes true health


  • The MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do is to simply subscribe to MAFA KY. A large database of voters can take back our Commonwealth & country! There is nothing else that could.


  • RECRUIT!!! Recruit 10 who will recruit 10, that’s how we win. Tell friends, family, neighbors to join MAFA. Commit to recruiting 10 people!
  • Complete our Time, Talents, & Connections Volunteer Form so we know when to call on you!
  • Join and/or start an in-person meeting in your area. See the “How to Organize a MAFA Meetup” in the right sidebar under Resources!

Unless you are politically feared, you will never be politically respected. It’s time for the politicians to be intimidated by the citizens and not the other way around. WITHOUT NUMBERS TO BACK YOU UP YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL OPINION.

What can you do? Recruit 10 who will recruit 10. That’s how we win.