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You can leave ALL messages in the same phone call. A brief synopsis on each bill is at the bottom of the page.

MAFAKy is laser-focused on reining in the governor & stopping medical tyranny. The first messages are for those bills. All other LIBERTY bills are below that listed by topic — add any or all!


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“Please PASS SB 8 and get it to the House floor for a vote. It is vitally important that medical decisions remain a choice for every Kentuckian.”

#2 HOUSE LEADERSHIP (forced vax)

“Please assign HB 36 to the House Health & Family Services Committee so that it can be heard and passed. It is vitally important that medical decisions remain a choice for every Kentuckian.”

#3 MY HOUSE REP (vax, rein in gov, help biz)

“Please support SB 8, HB 36, HB 217 and HB 143. S B8 confirms that medical decisions remain a choice for every Kentuckian. HB 36 prevents the state from mandating a vaccine. HB 217 is the only bill that fully reigns in our governor and restores basic checks and balances. HB 143 helps all businesses that suffered unfairly during the lockdowns.”

#4 MY SENATOR & SENATE LEADERSHIP (masks, stop emergency, fluoride)

“Please assign SB 213 & SB 109 to the appropriate committee and get them passed. These were all introduced weeks ago. You must overturn the mask mandate. This emergency needs to end now. Medical and health decisions must remain a choice for every Kentuckian. Do not allow these bills to languish any longer.“


“Please hear and support SB 37, SB 98 & SB 158. It is important that medical and health decisions be a choice for every Kentuckian.”


“Please hear and support SB 117. It is important that medical and health decisions be a choice for every Kentuckian.”


“Please support HB 217 and pass to the House floor for a vote.”


“Please hear and support HB 143. This helps all businesses that suffered unfairly during the lockdowns.”

#9 the HOUSE Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (recall petition)

“Please hear and support HB 133 and reduce the number of signatures required for a recall petition of a tax levy by a district board of education.”

#10 the SENATE State & Local Government Committee (fluoride)

“Please hear and support SB 109. Stop mandating water fluoridation statewide and allow local municipalities to decide for their own water systems.”


  • SB 8 Provides for medical or philosophical/religious exemption for government-mandated vaccines. PASSED SENATE, NOW IN HOUSE!!!
  • NEW!!! HB 36 Prevents state from mandating a vaccine
  • NEW!!! SB 37 Prevents state from mandating a vaccine & employer from mandating a vaccine
  • SB 98 Prevent employers from discriminating against employees who decline vaccination
  • SB 117 Health care or higher ed organization can require vaccination ONLY if allowing medical & philosophical/religious exemptions


  • SB 213 Senator Southworth bill overturning Gov EO
  • SB 158 Prohibits mandating masks during disease or virus emergencies
  • HB 217 Rep Maddox’ bill modifying KRS 39A. Ensuring Basic Checks and Balances and Basic Liberties During Emergencies Act: limit emergency declaration to 15 days. Must call General Assembly into session after. Prevent restriction of 1st amendment freedoms, prevent suspension of laws.
  • HB 143 Refund all fines and return all licenses taken from businesses during the lockdowns


Huge thank you to Sheri Quinn: she reads ALL the bills and makes recommendations on them. Her most recent update is here in PDF. Her summary is below: if it doesn’t say “BAD” then please support!

Government Overreach:

  • BAD HB 4 – Amend Constitution to allow legislature to extend session, longer sessions never good
  • BAD SB 181 – Provides more pay for legislators for a longer session.
  • HB 217 – Modifies KRS39A and reins in the powers of the Governor during an emergency.
  • SB 213 – End Governor’s current Executive Order for Declaration of Emergency
  • BAD HB 272 – Allow water/sewer districts to charge 10% late fees and PSC can’t intervene
  • HB 302 – Allow prop owners with functioning sanitation system to opt out of municipal sewer system and associated fees
  • BAD HB 439 – Require vision testing (with new fees) every time you renew your driver’s license
  • BAD SB 188 – Require safe boating certification for boat operators, penalties – more gov not needed
  • HB 582 – Waives the immunity of the state when it burdens the people’s freedom of religion
  • BAD SB 267 – Criminalizes the dissemination of personally identifying info. Could be good but criteria is too subjective. Could have unintended consequences for innocent people.
  • SB 260 – Protects religious freedom from government overreach during an emergency.


  • SB 8 – (In House) Provides for med & religious exemptions for a gov mandated vax
  • HB 36 – Prevents state from mandating a vaccine
  • SB 37 – Prevents an employer from requiring a vaccination for employees
  • SB 98 – Prevents an employer from discriminating against an employee that refuses a vaccination.
  • SB 117 – Provides for medical and religious exemptions to mandated vaccines in independent institutions and post-secondary education institutions.


  • SB 158 – Prohibits the mandating of facial coverings during disease or virus emergencies. SB
  • 109 – Allows municipalities/water districts to decide whether or not to fluoridate public water supply
  • SB 83 – Medical professionals can refuse to perform medical services for reasons of conscience


  • HB 133 – Lowers the number of signatures required to allow citizens to vote on a school tax levy
  • HB 400 – Require Gov to call an election to fill vacant US Senate seat
  • HB 425 – Create more paper trail and other election integrity improvements
  • HB 574 – Various positive improvements to voting systems.
  • SB 50 – Gov and SOS cannot change voting procedures during an emergency
  • SB 244 – Voting machines cannot be connected to the internet nor have that capability
  • SB 63 – Voting machines cannot be connected to the internet
  • BAD SB 228 – Gov can appoint to fill US Congress vacancy, but some very bad terms
  • BAD HB 268 – Would increase State Representative terms from 2 to 4 yrs. by constitutional amendment


  • HB 145 – Provides additional appeals process for college students with disciplinary actions
  • HB 149 – Establish Education Opportunity Accounts
  • BAD HB 208 – Allows public schools to count more NTI days, but this will encourage remaining NTI
  • BAD HB 253 – Require FAFSA be completed for HS graduation, very invasive financial aid application SB 106 – Only like biological sex can compete in state-regulated athletics


  • BAD HB 10 – (In Senate) Limits liability for businesses if someone gets COVID. Sounds good but it’s bad because businesses that don’t follow rules like mask-wearing will automatically be liable. Allows federal interference in business. Opens up liability doors never opened for other illnesses.
  • BAD SB 5 – Similar to HB 10 with same problems.
  • HB 142 – Labor unions, etc, cannot withhold dues from employees who opt out in writing
  • HB 143 – Protects businesses from having licenses revoked during emergency, restores any fines
  • HB 360 – Restores licenses & fines to businesses penalized due to Governor’s COVID response
  • HB 190 – Allow food services to sell grocery items without extra fees
  • SB 264 – Prohibit govt from disallowing landlords to evict during an emergency

Firearms and Military:

  • HB 337 – Repeal law that disallows the carrying of firearms at universities and some government properties
  • HB 361 – Nullify federal firearms regulations
  • SB 254 – Nullify federal firearms regulations
  • SB 173 – Prevent the KY Nat Guard from being called out of state unless Congress declares war or to put down immediate violence or insurrection
  • BAD SB 229 – Red flag law: remove a person’s firearms rights without due process of law


  • BAD HB 561 – Add a $0.34/gallon gas and fuel tax.
  • BAD HB 513 – County sheriffs can add 4.5% of prop taxes for themselves. Will increase prop taxes.
  • BAD HB 85 – Increased taxes on vapor products, regardless of whether you agree with it, more tax is bad
  • BAD HB 230 – Impose taxes for mining of cryptocurrencies


Some legislators prefer to read an email or hear a voicemail!




Unless you are politically feared, you will never be politically respected. It’s time for the politicians to be intimidated by the citizens and not the other way around. WITHOUT NUMBERS TO BACK YOU UP YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL OPINION.

What can you do? Recruit 10 who will recruit 10. That’s how we win.