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As the year comes to a close, I am excited to share my December edition of #C19 #FactsOverFear 🔍 with people I love. It is chock-full of important tidbits so buckle up…

1) Yet another example of why

We are very lucky to have Senator Rand Paul representing Kentucky. Check out this short video of him speaking TRUTH. 


2) Despite what Andy Beshear continues to say

Cases are not the accurate metric for studying severity; deaths and hospitalizations are.

As of 12/15/20 — Kentucky, a state with a population of approximately 4.49 million people, has experienced the following…

2,239 total C19 deaths [with & from], which is 0.049% of the Commonwealth

   – 1,616 (72%) lived in long-term care facilities and “congregate settings”

       –This group represents almost 85% of C19 deaths since 9/29/20

       –Furthermore, this stat is beyond extraordinary considering this group represents 0.6% (less than 1%!!) of the population

   – 624 (28%) lived outside of long-term care facilities

《《 FOR CONTEXT: Kentucky experiences approximately 10,500 deaths due to cancer per year AND 10,500 deaths due to heart disease per year. That’s over 20,000 deaths per year for *only 2* illnesses/diseases. Where is the outrage about these deaths?!? 》》

3) 20 weeks of data total

And 3 weeks since Thanksgiving — see attached GRAPH for KY hospital and ICU bed occupancy data (no spin here!)

4) As of 12/15/20, 27.8% of KY small businesses have closed

5) “Largest number of drug overdoses for a 12-month period ever recorded”

— wow, now that just cries out for explanation. No one knows! Completely confusing!” — Jeffrey Tucker in the NY Post

6) In Kentucky, a million+ kids have been harmed by not having in-person, normal instruction.

“This year should forever put to rest any debate as to who school administrators (and teachers unions) are looking out for. It isn’t the students.”

“In-person school is important and not being in school increases inequality.” Makes you wonder if politicians are lying about how much they care about low-income families (GASP).


7) On 12/17/20, Governor Andy Beshear tweeted,

“The steps we’ve taken have worked…”

Reality: “we’re setting records for homicides, ODs, child abuse, business closings, kids failing, etc.. while there has been no benefit in mortality compared to states that didn’t self inflict so much pain. Andy says his decrees “have worked.” Makes you wonder what the goal actually was?”

8) Oh, neat and fun fact:

Influenza in 2020 is almost non-existent…how convenient! — see attached GRAPH

9) Overall C19 survival rate = >99%

10) A great summary, in 8 tweets

Showing states across the country whose government did (or did not) “follow the science”…

PHEW! So many lessons learned over ~290 days – below are just a few: 

A) Ignore everything you hear from the media…and everything you hear from people who only listen to the media and don’t bother to actually investigate for themselves. 

B) “Never expect the government to take care of you. Take care of yourself, be faithful, be courageous, make well-informed decisions, and never quit.”

C) Take control of your health and reduce your chances of getting sick by taking plenty of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Zinc…now and in the future. These supplements are proven boosters of your immune system, which determine your body’s reaction to illnesses like cold, influenza, coronavirus, etc… 

D) The world at large has been duped. Here in America, our rights & liberty have been stolen and lives & livelihoods have been crushed under the guise of a scamdemic…using fear & misery and cherry-picked & distorted data points…all for control.

And finally…

Some of my favorite quotes collected since March that hopefully help put an exclamation point on the lessons learned above… 

“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” (Edmund Burke)

“Cases became a big issue for political reasons.”  (Dr. Michael Levitt)

“We get sick. Some recover, others do not. The world turns.” 

“The #1 cause of death is life.”

“I think this virus is with us to the future. But so is influenza …flu doesn’t shut down our societies. We manage it.” (Ruth Karron, a vaccine researcher at Johns Hopkins)

“The lockdowners keep telling us to pay attention to the science. That’s what we are doing. When the results contradict their pro-compulsion narrative, they pretend that the studies do not exist and barrel ahead with their scary plans to disable all social functioning in the presence of a virus. Lockdowns are not science. They never have been. They are an experiment in social/political top-down management that is without precedent in cost to life and liberty.” (Jeffrey A. Tucker)

“…it may be worth reminding yourself that life involves the risk of illness and death. Every day of every year of your life, you face the possibility of illness, be it an infectious disease or chronic illness. Each year of your life you’ve faced the possibility of influenza, for example. Maybe a mild case, maybe a really serious one. Regardless, you’ve probably never considered isolating yourself for months each year and giving up on doing the things you love for fear you might get the flu and die.” (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

“…The world is being seriously misled by major media organs. The politicians are continuing to panic and impose draconian controls, fully nine months into this, despite mountains of evidence of the real harm the lockdowns are causing everyone. If you haven’t lost faith in politicians and major media at this point, you have paid no attention to what they have been doing for the better part of this catastrophic year.” (Jeffrey A. Tucker)

“Only a truly sick society would knowingly sacrifice its children to safeguard its elderly.” (Josh Friedlander)

“Despite the fact that uptake of seasonal influenza vaccines has seen an uptick, the flu continues to circulate and affects large numbers of vaccinated individuals every year. Influenza has not been eradicated, and the flu vaccine has consistently been shown to provide very little in terms of protection against it. In all likelihood, that’s where we’ll be with COVID-19 as well. The good news is that, much like with influenza, your chances of staying well, or only getting a mild case, are primarily dependent on your immune function, and this is something you can do something about.” (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

The end.

Merry Christmas to all 🎅 🎄 Here’s to Americans questioning EVERYTHING in 2021; thinking for themselves, deciding for themselves, acting for themselves, holding our elected officials accountable, and holding on to our freedoms that our Founding Fathers fought for.

For liberty, love, and health!

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