A discussion on current COVID-related Legislation with KY Senator Adrienne Southworth and Attorney Mike Hamilton

EVENT DETAILS: Monday, February 22, 2021 at 6pm at Brewed, 124 Malabu Dr, Lexington, KY. Food and beverage are both available for purchase during the event.

Andrew & Kara Cooperider, owners of Brewed, invite you to an evening with Senator Adrienne Southworth and Attorney Mike Hamilton to learn about current COVID-19 legislation designed to protect our natural born rights from both medical tyranny and an over-achieving governor.


Andrew Cooperider will give an update on the impeachment action in the legislature.

There will be a short, informational video about the new mRNA vaccine prior to the panel.

Senator Southworth & Attorney Hamilton will focus on 8 bills/actions which put an immediate end to existing and expanding medical tyranny in KY, and see to the return of our civil liberties stolen by Executive Order beginning in March 2020.

After the discussion, Senator Southworth & Attorney Hamilton will take questions from the audience. Please bring a notepad to jot down any questions to save for the end!


We will have a printout of this list with basic info and links at the event.


  • SB8 Provides for medical or philosophical/religious exemption for government-mandated vaccines. PASSED SENATE, NOW IN HOUSE!!!
  • SB98 Prevent employers from discriminating against employees who decline vaccination 
  • SB117 Health care or higher ed organization can require vaccination ONLY if allowing medical & philosophical/religious exemptions


  • Impeachment
  • SB213 Senator Southworth bill overturning Gov EO
  • SB158 Prohibits mandating masks during disease or virus emergencies
  • HB217 Rep Maddox’ bill modifying KRS 39A. Ensuring Basic Checks and Balances and Basic Liberties During Emergencies Act: limit emergency declaration to 15 days. Must call General Assembly into session after. Prevent restriction of 1st amendment freedoms, prevent suspension of laws.
  • HB143 Refund all fines and return all licenses taken from businesses during the lockdowns