A friend — who is married to a doctor — responded to my “end of 2020″ letter with questions… This is my answer.

Hey friend!

I had a feeling you’d reply almost immediately…well done! 

First, I am aware that your spouse is a medical doctor…and I think he is an AWESOME one. I do know many doctors, but I don’t live with one — I hope that doesn’t matter. Second, I have been knee-deep in the data, articles, information, and opinions on all sides of C19 since mid-March. If it’d be helpful, I can send you names of medical doctors across the country that agree we’re being taken for a ride and that gross overreach by the government is not the answer.

The cancer and heart disease reference was not a comparison…the question asked is where is the outrage?!? I nowhere made a direct comparison. I simply randomly picked 2 causes of death and posed the question… if all this nonsense is about saving lives, why aren’t people as furious about ALL deaths? 

Why also are established, safe, and inexpensive therapies being censored by the media and by certain government officials? We have medical doctors from around the country sharing clinical data of patients under their care that have seen unbelievable, terrific, and amazing results to prevent or combat C19 [via the use of  HCQ, Zinc, Azithromycin as well as Ivermectin as 2 examples] and all info and stories and data are being blocked, deleted, removed, and taken down. Why wouldn’t these therapies be shared far and wide so people can become aware of them and let them engage in a 1:1 conversation and decision with their doctor? Hmm.

Why aren’t we focusing our resources on the 1% that make up >50% of deaths (nationwide)? All data shows that the majority of deaths are at long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and other congregate settings. This is a controllable population that should be the primary focus. Issuing statewide mandates and lockdowns for ALL people has devastated the lives of more than those that get C19; this is self-inflicted damage that defies ALL logic.

Why does the side of every surgical mask box clearly state, “…will not provide any protection against COVID-19 or other viruses or contaminants”? See attached photo. Hmm.

Why, in modern times, have we never been told that surgical masks, or even, a face covering made out of an old t-shirt, work at preventing viral transmission? I’d certainly think at least one member of the public would’ve worn a mask at some point during flu season if it were such a great and effective intervention. Must be because they don’t work (as the side of the box states). A collection of research that backs this up are copied below.

Also, remember…flu cases are down (I attached the graph showing the data again for quick reference) because everyone is wearing masks and taking extra precautions. Also, C19 cases are exploding because the public is reckless and refuses to comply with mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. Give me a break!!  

I am very sorry to hear that anyone dies or has permanent damage of any kind from COVID-19. Every day, 8,000 people in the US alone, die from a myriad of activities or illnesses. Death and illness are part of life and still every life is precious. It is out of respect for life, love of liberty, and passion for personal freedom that I stand firm on the fact that lockdowns and mandates and regulations are a TERRIBLE idea and have NOT improved outcomes. I am not going to change the way I live for months on end because there is a new way to get sick or die. I don’t live in fear. In fact, fear causes stress, which impacts the functioning of your immune system. Those that are afraid should change the way they live (e.g. stay home, wear a mask, whatever they choose) and let everyone else live and operate as usual.

It is a fact that hospitals operate near capacity (in fact, doing so is critical to the success of their business model), so needing extra space, staff, and resources isn’t uncommon. As one example, Google “hospitals overrun 2018 flu” and enjoy those results. The attached graphic provides an overview from past years; 20+ sources are copied below.

Furthermore, I live in America where I get to assess my own risks and make my own decisions, not the government. Decimating the lives and livelihoods of the backbone of our society, small businesses, under the guise of “public safety” should be a felony of the highest order. Moreover, there is zero logic and consistency in the mandates, regulations, and orders — restaurants, schools, churches, and gyms have to close but Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, and Costco can stay open?!? Bars must shut down, but strip clubs can remain open?!? I urge you to review the 8 tweets I shared as part of 10) in my original email. These harsh and draconian mandates are NOT working; states that had very different responses to C19 are seeing the SAME outcomes. I vote for respecting personal freedom and our economy every day of the week and three times on Sunday.