Why join?

Because in order to take our country back, we need politicians to fear us. The only way they will fear us is if we can remove them from office. This requires a massive database and we are well on our way. When you subscribe to MAFA KY (you can do that at the bottom of this page), you are also added to the national database as well.

Why do I have to give my address?

So we can organize in voting districts. We want to walk into the office of any legislator and say “We have 5000 voters in YOUR district which is enough to turn any election. Here’s what we want.”

Is there a group meeting in my area?

Check the sidebar under “statewide meetings” to see. If you are regularly in touch with like-minded friends who live near you and have not heard of a MAFA meeting, there probably isn’t one. Yet. Start one, it’s really simple! Click here for details on how to organize a MAFA meeting.

What if I start a meeting, then find one already in progress?

Great! It’s actually better to have LOTS of small MAFA meetings rather than one big one, but you could merge, or stay separate and collaborate, whatever works. Just. Don’t. Stop.