Why join?

Because in order to take our country back, we need politicians to fear us. Which requires that we have numbers to make that happen.

And why do I have to give my address?

We need your address so we can organize in voting districts.

Is there a group meeting in my area?

If you are regularly in touch with liberty friends and have not heard of a MAFA meeting… there probably isn’t one. Yet. Start one. NOT EVEN KIDDING: remember that no one is coming to save us. It’s up to us. To us and YOU — we are definitely in partnership!!! Details on how to organize a MAFA meeting in the sidebar under Resources!!!

What if I start a meeting, then find one already in progress?

FABULOUS!!! Better to have LOTS of small MAFA meetings than one big one. The more the merrier — and you could merge, whatever works. Just. Don’t. Stop.

Unless you are politically feared, you will never be politically respected. It’s time for the politicians to be intimidated by the citizens and not the other way around. WITHOUT NUMBERS TO BACK YOU UP YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER POLITICAL OPINION.