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Non-Local Pharmacies (takes time, plan ahead)

Places that may help with IV fluids (there may be others in your areas):

About AFLDS Telemedicine

Their service is growing in response to the massive demand from an increasingly educated public on the efficacy of safe and inexpensive therapeutics. AFLDS Telemedicine has recently added several doctors and nurses to the team and is in the process of restructuring the pharmaceutical distribution system.

It was Dr. Simone Gold’s hope to make lifesaving drugs like Hydroxychloroquine available over the counter since last fall. Her request fell on deaf ears. She could not compete with the deep pockets of pharmaceutical companies that had nothing to gain from a generic drug that could combat the worst effects of this virus with early intervention.

As we see more countries like Japan and India embrace these “alternative” solutions, in lieu of the experimental offerings, more people are beginning to question the practice of medicine by government fiat. If you are reading this, you are clearly doing your own research and we salute you for that!

Many of the doctors and pharmacists in your own communities have turned their backs on you and the simple science of health outcomes, out of fear or profit. They have refused to write or fill prescriptions for decades old, commonly used medicines, some of which are over the counter in many countries.

Do not wait until you are ill to build your lifesaving arsenal!

  • Be proactive and use all available resources.
  • Make sure you have a Patient Advocate!!!
  • Seek prophylactic/preventative prescriptions and over the counter protocols.
  • Continue to educate your friends and family with facts over fear.

This is the path out of the tyranny they hope to usher in.

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Patient’s Rights Complaints

We have been encouraged, by an attorney expert in patient’s rights, that we should be daily/weekly filing complaints with our State Health Department and Joint Commission because they are required by law to investigate every complaint. If they begin to get overloaded with complaints, maybe something could change as far as patient treatment/family rights, etc. It will also be a paper trail for future lawsuits.

File complaints of patient rights/ethics violations here: https://secure.kentucky.gov/FormServices/AttorneyGeneral/MedicaidFraudandAbuse