If you don’t want your kids being taught to fear their fellows, the only answer is to pull them out. This accomplishes two very important things: stops the indoctrination (both the fear-mongering and the “education”) and hurts the schools the only way you can by cutting into their wallets. They only get so much money per student and they need to feel the pain before they will listen.

And even more money today: even little tiny school districts are getting MILLIONS of $$ from the federal government to implement Covid “safety” measures. Even if 1000 parents came to a meeting, the school board won’t listen. They are getting too much money, have convinced themselves that you the parents are too stupid to know better, and that they will do what they deem best for YOUR child.

There’s one way to stop them. Homeschool.

Don’t panic. It is far less terrifying and difficult than you can imagine. EVEN IF YOU HAVE A FULL-TIME JOB. And YOU have amazing support these days!!!

OPTIONS: Georgetown ACE Academy

3 ways to get Homeschooling Support

KY Homeschool Support Coalition

At MAFA KY, we are putting together resources for parents in your shoes. Please contact Sheri Quinn at homeschool@mafaky.org and she will be in touch. She is our master homeschool organizer and totally awesome.

The homeschool support is a major initiative for MAFA KY. If we want to stop medical tyranny, we have to push back HARD. Homeschooling is a huge part of this push back!

PLUS we will match you the parent who needs one-on-one assistance with helpful homeschool expert volunteers!

MAFA National Support

Dr. Pam Popper, founder of Make Americans Free Again, has amazing resources as well, click here to get plugged in there!

Homeschool Support Conference Calls

Join MAFA’s live orientation sessions via zoom each week! The purpose of these sessions is to explain why parents need to withdraw their children from school, to address questions and concerns about home schooling, provide data on outcomes for home school kids, and answer questions. To join these calls, email pampopper@msn.com for the call info!

Dates for upcoming sessions:

  • Sun Aug 22 4:30PM eastern
  • Weds Aug 25 7:00PM eastern
  • Sun Aug 29 4:30PM eastern
  • Weds Sept 8 7:00PM eastern
  • Sun Sept 12 4:30PM eastern

Join our “Office hours” – staffed with experienced homeschool parents who will share their experience and answer questions. To join these calls, email pampopper@msn.com for the call info!

Dates for upcoming sessions:

  • Mon Aug 23 7:30PM eastern
  • Mon Aug 30 7:30PM eastern
  • Tues Sept 7 7:30PM eastern
  • Mon Sept 13 7:30PM eastern

What else do you want or need help with? Let us know, we are 100% about supporting your decision to stop the indoctrination of our future leaders!