How to Organize a MAFA Meetup

In order to take our country back and regain our freedom we need all hands on deck! This means EVERYONE recruits people to MAFA. Here’s how to do it:

While you can choose any day and time, Thursday at 6PM is a good choice. The early part of the week can be spent inviting, and people seem to relax on Thursday night – soon the weekend will start!  Whichever day you choose, make it consistent. It’s difficult to gather a group when the day, time and place of the meeting changes frequently. 

The only thing you need to start your group is…one other person willing to start with you. Even if it is just two of you, start getting together at the appointed day and time. We promise you can grow a group if you stick with it.

How to invite:

Invitations should be issued to one person at a time. Don’t post anything on social media, pass out cards and flyers and other such activities. Remember that in some places, gatherings are still not legal and you do not want to bring regulatory attention to the host of these meetings. And you need to explain what we are doing to others in order to interest them in attending.

Where to have your meetings…

Homes, offices, churches (if the pastor is on board), community centers if open – any indoor place will do.

But there are limitations on gatherings in my state/county/city. Protests and political speech are permitted even during a pandemic. Remember that none of the BLM protesters were arrested for gathering last summer – most were not even arrested for destroying property. 

Do be careful, and if there is a place to meet where you will draw less attention, such as a conference room in an office building, someone’s basement family room or a business that closes at night, that is best.

Meeting Format

6:00 Gather. Allow 30 minutes for meeting and socializing, depending on the size of your group. One of the benefits of starting a group is allowing people to congregate – they miss this!

6:30 Bring the meeting to order. Ask if there are new people and welcome them to the group. Show the 3-minute intro video which is posted at – click on “weekly group support”

Share a few updates – check the “weekly group support section of our site for details

You may show a short video reporting a recent event or development (suggestions posted on the site) Discuss the film or news. 

At every meeting we do the following:

  • Small Business Rescue. Details and documents are posted on the MAFA website. Ask if there are businesses that need help. Planning a group visit or a group order for takeout can help a restaurant stay open, for example. Scheduling an event for your group to take a class, or partake of other services without masks can help. Find ways to support your local community. (See small business rescue information on the Take Action site).
  • Discuss fundraising events. Wait until your group is big enough to support these, but opportunities to congregate are always welcome. People love to hear from the attorney who is handling your case once a lawsuit is filed. Holiday events are fun – our group helped to sponsor a Valentine’s Day cocktail party which was held at a local business that had a big enough space.
  • Always ask for volunteers – to greet new people, operate the computer for signups, help with fundraisers, and so on.
  • If you are part of a state association affiliated with MAFA, your state group is offering merchandise with your state group’s logo. Wear your “stands up” shirts and jackets and encourage others to purchase.
  • Ask for questions.
  • Ask for ideas for finding new people to attend next week. Ask people to share how they have approached people.
  • Ask new people to put their information in the data base before leaving and have a computer open to the site to make it easy. 
  • Leave time for people to mingle and chat – part of the value of Thursday groups is people love to be in the same room with others!

7:45 adjourn the meeting and allow attendees more social time

In the beginning, focus on growing your group. Gathering donations and fundraising are easier when you’ve gathered more people. 

Pure MAFA — What we do:

Our reason or being is really simple – we are against medical tyranny and want the right to choose or refuse any medical intervention. We engage in these activities only:

  • Build Thursday groups
  • Raise money and support lawsuits organized by MAFA in conjunction with your state
  • Build a huge data base of voters who can force elected officials to do what we want (examples: veto a mandatory vaccine law or impeach a governor who takes our freedoms away)
  • Small business rescue

What we don’t do:

  • Protests
  • Petitions
  • Declarations
  • Pass out signs to put in windows of businesses
  • Call and write legislators
  • Organize maskless shopping trips
  • Promote politicians or political parties

Note: we don’t care if people do these things, but we don’t promote them at our meetings. We try to focus on a few things that we know result in positive changes in your community and state and that make people feel like we are winning!!

More Groups are Better!

As your group grows, some people may decide to break off and form their own groups. This is advisable if people live far away from your meeting place, and also if your space has limited capacity. More groups are better, even if smaller!

In order to take our country back and regain our freedom we need all hands on deck!
This means EVERYONE recruits people to MAFA. Which may include setting up a meeting in YOUR area. We want hundreds of meetings across Kentucky!

Remember the Mission

Recruit!!! If every person who joins commits to recruiting 10 people, we can grow astronomically. The sooner we get BIG, the sooner we can take our country back.

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