How to Organize a MAFA Meetup

In order to take our country back and regain our freedom we need all hands on deck!
This means EVERYONE recruits people to MAFA. Which may include setting up a meeting in YOUR area. We want hundreds of meetings across Kentucky!

Here’s how to organize a meeting in your neck of the woods!

You can choose any day and time that works. Thursday at 6PM is a great choice because you can invite during the first part of the week, and people seem to relax on Thursday night –
soon the weekend will start!

BUT whichever day you choose, make it consistent. It’s difficult to gather a group when the day, time and place of the meeting changes frequently.

The only thing you need to start your group is… one other person willing to start with you. Even if it is just two of you, start getting together at the appointed day and time. We promise you will grow a group if you stick with it and stay consistent with time & place!

PS. It is very helpful to join one of Pam Popper’s Thursday noon calls during which she explains ALL this. Click the conference call link under the Weekly Calendar section on the right sidebar!

Where to have your meetings

Homes, offices, churches, community centers, if open – any indoor mask-optional place will do.

“But there are limitations on gatherings in my state/county/city.”

Protests and political speech are permitted even during a pandemic. Remember that none of the BLM protesters were arrested for gathering last summer – most were not even arrested for destroying property.

Do be careful. If there is a place to meet where you will draw less attention, such as a conference room in an office building, someone’s basement family room or a business that closes at night, that is best.

Meeting Format

  • #1 Direct newcomers and anyone who has not yet to GO TO MAKEAMERICANSFREEAGAIN.COM, click the red Join Us button and sign up! Have them do it on their phone so they know how and can help their friends join up, too!!!
  • Allow 15-30 minutes for meeting and socializing, depending on the size of your group.
    One of the benefits of starting a group is allowing people to congregate – they miss
  • Share a few updates – from Pam’s videos, newsletter, or from the MAFA website.
  • Show a film – a list of suggestions is included below. You can choose other films
    too – but in our experience 25-45 minutes is the range of time during which people will
    sit still and pay attention. They really prefer to have conversation.
  • Discuss the film. Then discuss how to find more people to join your group. Also discuss
    things you might do together as a group, such as mask-less shopping.

More Groups are Better!

As your group grows, some people may decide to break off and form their own groups. This is excellent and advisable if people live far away from your meeting place or your space is limited! More groups are better, even if smaller!

Remember the Mission

Recruit!!! If every person who joins commits to recruiting 10 people, we can grow astronomically. The sooner we get BIG, the sooner we can take our country back.

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