Hard to believe, but they did. After all our calls, demands and actions, after laying out all the details, they still said NOPE.

They said he “acted within his authority.”

They are now on MAFAKy’s “RINOs to Primary” list

“They” are Rep. Jason Nemes, Rep. Kim King, Rep. Ed Massey and Rep. Suzanne Miles. We may not be able to say, “Buh bye” but their next run is far from a slam dunk.

Jason, et. all., you are being held accountable for your votes. <shrug> New normal for us, too.

Here’s their decision

Read it. Be incredulous. Get pissed & come to a meeting. This debacle is far, far from over.

Tell them what you think

Chair, Rep. Jason Nemes

  • District 33 (part of Jefferson & Oldham)
  • Phone Number: LRC: 502-564-8100 ext. 706
  • Email: Jason.Nemes@lrc.ky.gov

Rep. Kim King

  • District 55 Mercer, Washington, & Part of Jessamine 
  • PHONE (H) 859-734-2173 | (LRC) 502-564-8100 ext. 763
  • Email: Kim.King@lrc.ky.gov

Rep. C. Ed Massey

Rep. Suzanne Miles

  • District 7 Union, Part of Daviess & Henderson
  • PHONE LRC: 502-564-2217
  • Email: Suzanne.Miles@lrc.ky.gov