MAFA KY is looking for people who have been damaged by the lockdowns. Please read the following and share EXACTLY AS WRITTEN via email, signal, private text, and on social media. Thank you!


Have your Constitutional Rights been violated by the Covid shutdowns, the mask mandates, or the quarantines during this last year?

Have you lost a business, your freedom to attend church, or experienced the tragic death of a family member? Have you lost your right to travel, been denied a needed medical procedure, or suffered marital loss from the stress of the last year? Have you been kept away from a loved one in a nursing home?

Have you suffered financial harm, emotional trauma or perhaps lost a job because your work was deemed non-essential? Have you been denied the chance to worship freely with others of your faith?

Perhaps these, or similar painful events, have not happened to you, but they have happened to someone you know and care about.

At MAFA KY, we want to know your story and help you explore options that may be available to you!

Please contact one of our team members as soon as possible (emails below) or you can tell your story here:

Kathy Gornik
Dawn Cloyd
Sally Oh

Again, please share EXACTLY AS WRITTEN via email, signal, private text and social media.