This law is HIGH on MAFA KY’s priority list to remove and already being investigated with the appropriate authorities.

So many things wrong with this

Section 1

  1. only severe for those over 75yo with 2.6 co-morbidities (illness so severe they can cause death on their own)
  2. Since the PCR test is so unreliable (and not to be used for diagnosis according to its creator, Kary Mullis), we don’t really know how many people have been “stricken”. And since anyone who dies WITH Covid (according to the unreliable test) is now determined to have died OF Covid, nobody really knows how many people have died of it.
  3. It is not NOVEL. Sars-Cov-1 is 78% like Cov-2. And it’s a coronavirus which is anything but novel. It has never been proven to be communicable (the gold standard for determining this is Koch’s Postulates, never been done). Mechanical ventilation (ventilators) kills 8 out of 10 patients and NOT recommended for this virus. But they are still used?
  4. There is no proof that it spreads and there are too many households where nobody gets the virus… which means that contagion is NOT A FACT. There is no proof that the virus is contained in droplets or that inhaling a droplet causes infection. (In fact viruses are too tiny to be contained in droplets.) And even the WHO has acknowledged that catching it from a surface is incredibly unlikely.
  5. Show me the clear and convincing evidence. There is none.
  6. Yes there are: ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine are in use worldwide to prevent and cure Covid.
  7. Based on the above, the petitioner has ZERO grounds.
  8. “Reason to believe”? What are those reasons? (see 1 thru 6 above)
  9. “Get off my property.”
  10. There is no provision in the US or Kentucky Constitutions that gives anyone the authority to manage my health.

Section 2

See #10 above. You can make up any laws you want (which you do), but that doesn’t make them legal or enforceable.

Form AOC-1025.1 based on KRS 212.245; 212.245(6); 902 KAR 2:050 (here in pdf)