Dear Representative Koch,

I’m writing to ask how you are going to vote on articles of impeachment for the Governor when they are introduced in the House this coming session. 

I’m concerned that House and Senate leadership are sandbagging the efforts to support impeachment of the Governor for abuse of office and official misconduct in violating the KY and U.S. Constitutions.(KRS522.030)

Revision of KRS39A is desperately needed but that is just setting up for more court challenges and a chance we could end up in 2021 with a repeat of 2020 if Beshear is still in the Governor’s seat.

Governor Beshear has shown a crushing lack of respect for his oath and the law… why should we expect any less after a law change? Both revision of KRS39A AND Impeachment must happen. Beshear broke the law and did so repeatedly. The Constitution says what it says and means what it means.

The GOP hails as the “party of the Constitution” and says the Constitution is a “solemn covenant”. Let’s honor the pledge to party, and oath to support the Constitution and place it back above the statutory law where it belongs.

We have a golden opportunity to achieve what the GOP party platform calls “rebirth of constitutional government” (page 9). This isn’t about party though, it’s about protecting that “solemn covenant” and the people’s rights.

My question to you: How will you vote when the time comes? Thank you in advance for a prompt reply. 

Best Regards, Sally Oh

PS. Please have a look at these links to guide you in your decision, but please let me know how you will vote.

LRC bulletin on Impeachment (specifically the house has the sole power, it supports the separate branches get to check the power of the other branches, the courts are not included in the process of a constitutional impeachment-no judicial review, the house has latitude to determine misdemeanors)

State Treasurer report on some Unconstitutional actions by the Governor-

10 reasons why impeachment can and should happen: