From Scott Hofstra, spokesperson for United Kentucky Tea Party

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tomorrow the Ky state GOP executive committee will meet.

One of the agenda items is a call to censure Ky Senator Mitch McConnell for his actions concerning his statements against and intention to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

The GOP county chairs have been receving hundreds of angry emails, phone calls and messages from Republicans in their counties condemning Senator McConnell for his actions. Many of these Republicans demanded that their county chairs vote in favor of censuring Senator McConnell.

Apparently, the RPK was in denial and didn’t believe there was serious support to censure the Senator, but just to be sure, they had the district chairs call their county chairs to find out. What they learned absolutely shocked them. The found out there was overwhelming support to Censure Senator McConnell.

Because RPK has no intention of listening to the majority of Ky Republicans and allowing Senator McConnell to be censured, they pulled the same maneuver they pulled several years ago during the Jeff Hoover sexual harassment scandal.

Last evening, the RPK called legislators to actually show up at the executive committee meeting tomorrow (something they seldom do) in order to guarantee that they will have enough votes to override the county chairs and prevent the censure of Senator McConnell.

The RPK good old boy swamp will once again disregard their membership (you and I) and protect the chief swamp monster, Senator Mitch McConnell.

Is it any wonder Republicans across the state are changing their registrations? Is it any wonder Ky Republicans don’t trust the RPK or Senator McConnell?

The RPK is so blinded by their need to maintain the status quo that they will deliberately plot against you and I to protect their perceived power and Senator McConnell, no matter how dispicably he acts.

Is it any wonder that no one trusts the Ky Republican Party anymore?

Is it any wonder that more and more Ky Republicans are looking to form a new third party?

Contact your state representatives and Senators today. Ask them to support Republicans across the Commonwealth and the county GOP chairs in calling for McConnell’s censure.

We will take note and publish those reps who vote to override the will of the GOP chairs and membership.

Scott Hofstra