Hello Dr. Humbaugh,

It is my understanding that you are advising the Fayette County Public School system on their covid policies and, in particular, masks. I have a child in FCPS and hope to be addressing the school board in the very near future and would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer a few questions for me, my wife, Heidi, who is an APRN, and our attorney, Michael Hamilton, who is the director of litigation for America’s Frontline Doctors (and copied here).

You are using PCR tests to generate case numbers, even though the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, said his test cannot tell you if you are sick or not and can find anything in anyone if run at high enough cycles. The CDC has also recently recalled the PCR test, to go into effect at the end of this year, because it cannot differentiate between the covid virus and flu viruses (something I’ve been trying to warn FCPS about for months). I even have Dr. Fauci on video saying the PCR test is unreliable if run over 35 cycles.

My questions about the PCR tests are these: At what cycle threshold are the tests being run to generate covid case numbers for Fayette County and in your practice? Is there a difference in cycle threshold being used for vaccinated and unvaccinated? Why, when the inventor of the test said they are unreliable as a diagnostic tool and the CDC has recalled them is Fayette County still using this test to generate case numbers, which are then used to force masks and other restrictions?

If you could please provide or point me in the direction of a source that can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the Sars-Cov2 virus has been isolated. Since this virus is being used to justify all manner of restrictions and masking our children in schools, you should have no problem providing this information and proving that these restrictions are justified and the virus exists.

In your professional opinion, how can there be a pandemic declaration when even the CDC has stated 94% of those people listed as having died from covid had on average three or more co-morbidities that would have soon killed them anyway, an average age of death OVER the typical death age in the USA, no excess deaths in the United States during covid as compared to years past, and a vast majority of deaths occurring in nursing homes (about 60% in Ky)?

People with strong immune systems have an extremely low risk of catching, spreading or dying from covid. Can you please give us a summary of the many ways you have advised your patients and the school system on how to improve and strengthen the kids’ natural immune systems, so as to be more protected from covid?

Doctors all over the world have been successfully treating covid patients with simple, cheap therapies like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, to name just a few. Can you please explain what information you have shared with your patients and FCPS in regards to these simple, effective therapies?

As I’m sure you have heard, some states and countries never locked down or forced masks. Sweden is one of many such examples. Currently Sweden has almost zero covid cases or deaths, with no mandates on masks. How is this possible and did you consider and/or discuss a similar strategy for Fayette County?

I have Dr. Fauci on video saying that asymptomatic transmission has NEVER been the driver of a respiratory virus. What evidence are you using to have determined that asymptomatic transmission is the driver of this particular respiratory virus? Please provide links to studies you used to generate your mask and social distancing policies.

When Governor Beshear mandated masks for the first time in mid 2020, case numbers skyrocketed immediately and thereafter. Putting aside the problems with the PCR tests, why do you suppose this happened? If masking worked so well, why is covid still here? Most people have worn them almost a year. In your professional opinion, could masks have harmed immune systems, attracted bacteria, viruses and molds and caused increased sickness?

Does the PCR test give a positive result for other corona viruses, flu viruses and some bacteria?

We know from multiple studies from all over the world that the flu poses a greater risk of mortality to children under 18 than covid. We have never mandated children wear masks for flu. About 1.5 million die worldwide from Tuberculosis per year, a deadly respiratory virus, and we never talked about it and never masked. Children have a near zero statistical chance to die from covid so how and why are you asking them to wear masks now, when we never did for flu or Tuberculosis, which are both deadlier to kids?

Can you please provide the evidence you are using to prove masking children during school diminishes their chance to catch and spread covid?

Can you please provide the evidence you are using to prove cloth and surgical masks can stop a respiratory virus?

Are you aware of the multiple immediate negative psychological and physical impacts mask wearing has on children and how to you propose mitigating these risks for the kids in FCPS?

About the so-called Delta variant, can you please point us to the source where this variant has been isolated?

Can you please provide one example in the history of virology when a virus has mutated to a more deadly form?

The school system, under your advice, has been sending a barrage of emails to the parents, faculty and students about the importance of receiving the covid vaccines. Under international law, there must be informed consent. Why have you not written in one email that these vaccines are experimental and under emergency use authorization only? According to the vaccine manufacturers, we are currently in trial periods, ending at different times in 2022 and 2023 for the various vaccines. Why have you not informed people they are in trials?

We have been told repeatedly these vaccines are safe and effective. As a professional public health doctor and pediatric specialist, I assume you have heard of VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. As of the writing of this letter, VAERS shows deaths directly from the covid vaccines are at almost 12,000, with hundreds of thousands of serious adverse reactions and hospitalizations. There have also been thousands of miscarriages. Many of these injuries are of children who have had their lives taken or permanently ruined. A recent Harvard University study found that VAERS represents only a small percentage of cases (perhaps as low as 1%), since many people and doctors don’t even know it exists, how to report, or that an event was vaccine caused. When the swine flu vaccine was tried, it was stopped when there were about 50 deaths. Considering all the above, including the staggering number of deaths, how can you in good conscience continue to recommend these vaccines without even mentioning the incredible potential dangers? Or have you but the FCPS has neglected to pass that along?

Are you aware of what happened to doctors who went along with medical experiments without informed consent after the Nuremberg trials and would you agree with those punishments?

The inventor of the mRNA vaccines, Dr. Robert Malone, has recently come out publicly against the vaccines because of the shocking numbers of deaths and adverse events. He and other doctors and vaccine experts have stated that the vaccines were supposed to stay in the muscle tissue but most of the spike proteins escape the muscle tissue, enter the lymphatic system and then are pumped through the blood all over the body, causing harm to the blood vessels and clotting and settling in and permanently injuring vital organs like the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. Are you concerned about these unexpected issues while recommending children get the vaccines?

Dr. Malone said very clearly that he believed herd immunity for covid could ONLY be reached by people catching the virus and recovering naturally. Do you agree with this assessment? Please explain why or why not and, if not, how you are more qualified to know than the inventor of the technology.

Evidence has shown us that states and countries that masked and locked down have almost identical case curves of those states and countries that did not mask or lock down. How do you suppose this is possible?

If masking, social distancing and other restrictions have no impact on the spread of a respiratory virus, and herd immunity can only be reached by catching and recovering from the virus, would it not seem to make sense that everything you are advising FCPS to do regarding covid safety is actually the exact opposite of what should be done? Common sense would seem to dictate allowing this relatively harmless common cold virus to circulate quickly in the younger, healthier community to generate herd immunity while protecting the elderly and immune compromised would be the most intelligent and humane action. Would you agree or not?

Were you aware that the CDC gets most of it’s budget from pharmaceutical companies, owns over 20 vaccine patents and sells over 4 billion dollars worth of vaccines each year? Would you consider this a conflict of interest while they recommend people take covid vaccines?

The NIH, and Dr. Fauci personally, own covid patents and profit from the sale of covid vaccines. Would you consider these conflicts of interest while recommending covid vaccines and ignoring other effective therapies?

I wonder if you are aware that at exactly the same time Dr. Steven Stack was advising the governor of Kentucky to push for covid vaccines, while neglecting to mention simple preventions and safe, effective cures, he was also being paid as a senior advisor to Zoic Capital, a company developing experimental mRNA covid vaccines in partnership with HDT Bio? Would you consider this a conflict of interest?

Are you currently invested in or profiting from companies making or selling experimental covid vaccines?

In your professional opinion, should public health leaders be allowed to profit from the public health guidelines they recommend?

I am curious what you would say about my personal story. I am 50. I have never worn a mask. I never social distanced. I attended many so-called “super spreaders.” I never squirted one drop of sanitizer on my hands. I never wore gloves. I shook hands and hugged like normal. I never stopped shopping or working. Daily, since covid started, I have been in massive stores that serve thousands of people. Daily I have been in different peoples’ homes for my job. I never complied with a single covid order or restriction. Somehow, during this deadly pandemic, I never even got a sniffle. The rest of my immediate family was pretty much the same (wife and two kids). How is this possible?

I appreciate your time and I will look forward to your responses to these questions. I would welcome the opportunity to ask you these questions in person at an upcoming Fayette County School Board meeting. In the interest of doing what is best for the health and safety of our children, and being open and honest about those decisions, you should have no problem with that I’m sure. Please let me know of an upcoming meeting you are able to attend.


Matt Schweder
FCPS parent

P.S. some research about masks for you and Dr. Liggins:

I am happy to provide you, Dr. Liggins and the school board HUNDREDS more resources in support of all my statements and questions above.