1. CALL 800-372-7181 M-Th 7a-9p, F 7a-6p This is the LRC message hotline.
  2. The first time you call, you give your name and address, then you are in the system.
  3. If you don’t know who your Senator/House Rep are, the Clerk will tell you based on your address.
  4. Say “I’d like to leave a message for…”


  • My House Rep
  • My Senate Rep
  • House Leadership
  • Senate Leadership
  • Send to all House & Senate members for good measure!

REQUEST THAT THESE BE SEPARATE MESSAGES (even though they are all the same). NOT ONE MESSAGE THAT GOES TO EVERYONE. You could even call five times to make sure.


OPPOSE any gas tax increase!!! No to HB 508, no to HB 561, no to HB 321.


Per Scott Hofstra on this FB post:

Ladies and gentlemen, sources inside Frankfort have told me that the Republican leadership under pressure from the state chamber of commerce, KACO and ALC are planning to quickly force through a gas tax bill during the last two days of the session. There are two bills being considered. HB508 and HB561. Below is a brief overview of each bill.

PLEASE call your legislators and tell them to kill any gas tax bill!

HB508 is a base tax of 24.6 cents per gallon. It can increase up 10% yearly but can only decrease by 2% yearly. $150 yearly tax for electric vehicles under 10k lbs and $300 yearly for electric vehicles over 10k lbs.  A $75 yearly tax on electric hybrid vehicles under 10k lbs and $150 on electric hybrid vehicles over 10k lbs.

HB561 base tax of 34.6 cents per gallon. Non hybris electric vehicles base tax will be $150 yearly. For every 2 cent yearly average increase in the cost of gas, the non hybrid electric vehicle tax would increase by $1.00. A new fuel efficiency tax. If you gas powered hybrid or non hybrid gets 30 to 39 mpg, you will pay a yearly $35 tax. If your vehicle gets 40 mpg or more, you will pay a $40 per year tax. Your annual vehicle registration tax will jump from $11.50 to $22.00. Your annual motorcycle registration tax will jump from $9 to $15. The yearly motorhome registration tax will jump from $20 to $30. Most clerks fees will jump $100% or more.if you buy an expensive new vehicle and trade in your old vehicle, for the purpose of sales tax, only up to $25k trade in value will be exenpted. Example: you buy a $70k truck and trade in your current truck for $50k, you would currently pay sales tax on the difference of $20k. Under this bill, you could only take credit for $25k of the trade in and would pay sales taxes on $45k.

UPDATE: Just heard from a legislator. They wIll not advance HB 508 or 561. both would require three votes in committee before they could go to the house. Instead, they’re going slip it into HB321 which already has 2 votes.