If just 10% of the US population stuck to this list, we could forever shift the trajectory of their agenda.

From Catherine Austin Fitts: Here’s a link to this 4-part series. This might very well be what is actually going on. Take the action steps below to the best of your ability. If you read the articles, you will be very well informed of the breadth and scope of this takeover.

  • Do not be coerced, bribed, blackmailed, shamed, guilted, manipulated, or intimated into complying.
  • Vaccine ID Passports, digital identities being pushed by banks, driver’s license facilities, and other industries as a means for “access” or “convenience” should be avoided at all cost.
  • Make everyone you know aware of what this QR code and digital identity is really about, and how they intend to put you on the Blockchain to surveil and control your every move.
  • Bringing this information to the attention of your legislatures and demanding legislation to block vaccine id passports and digital identity applications is critical. See part 1 for states who have already taken action on this front.
  • Remove your money from the large banks into smaller, family-owned banks and small credit unions. If 10% of people did this, it would create a huge shift.
  • Build your own family or community energy and food systems. Resilient energy and food supplies will go a long way against their digital financial blackmailing systems.
  • Stop feeding the beast – do not spend money at Amazon (here’s why), and big box stores that are building the infrastructure to enslave humanity. Here are some alternative options.
  • Cash is king. Use cash as often as possible, to avoid the hyper-tracking taking place inside bank accounts that are aggregating your data and building your social and climate score, as well as studying spending behaviors of the masses to manipulate industries, supply chains, and markets.
  • Purchasing any products with the word “Smart” in it, isn’t so smart. These products are all used for surveillance purposes via audio, some visual, and data aggregating, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies. Here is a checklist of tips for how to better protect yourself when it comes to technology.
  • Clear as many debts as you are able to so you are beholden to no one. Invest in people, learning trade skills, family and community, hard assets, proper schooling for your children which might mean a local homeschool network, local farmers, any necessary supplies or equipment you feel you need, your health and peace of mind.
  • If your place of employment is requiring you to get the injection, here aresome resources, assistance, and a downloadable form to provide to your employer. If they will not accept a religious or medical exemption, and leave you with no option, let them fire you instead of quitting, so you have recourse.
  • While the injection is still in the stage of Emergency Use Authorization, it is not legal to require a person to get the injection, and “informed consent” is the law. Though the FDA states they are going to “sprint” to get the approval done for Pfizer, the application was just submitted on May 7, 2021, and a “typical review of an application like Pfizer’s takes 10 months,” according to Stat who communicated directly with the FDA regarding their “sprint.” This is the original source of the media frenzy stating that Pfizer will be approved in September, followed by Biden demanding it be approved by Labor day, all of which is to increase the urgency for businesses to mandate the injections BEFORE they are approved. Pay attention to the FDA, not the media, and stick with “informed consent” for now. Maybe the FDA moves at lightening pace, or maybe not.
  • Visualize a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped in their tracks, and Pray.

Friendly reminder: if just 10% of the US population stuck to this list, we could forever shift the trajectory of their agenda.