Letter from Scott Hofstra, United Kentucky Tea Party Facilitator

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The GOP both nationally and in Kentucky is at a crossroads.

They refuse to fight the election fraud at the national level and refuse to impeach Beshear at the state level.

They don’t understand that millions of conservatives are watching what they do. A large number of Kentuckians want Beshear impeached for violating our Constitutional liberties and taking an $800 million dollar plus loan from the feds. Only the legislature can do that according to Kentucky’s Constitution.

Most Ky legislators, including House and Senate leadership, have been notably silent concerning Beshear’s violations of the Constitution. Now they’re saying they won’t impeach him.

Conservatives in Ky and across the country are watching. If the GOP leadership continues to be spineless while they aid and abet the left, there will be an uprising in 2022 and 2024. The talk is ramping up about a new, conservative third party to challenge the RINO GOP leadership at the state and federal levels. Conservatives are tired of being told they just need to suck it up and eat the GOP crap sandwich.

Time will tell, but GOP leadership better start listening to their Conservative constituents or risk an outright conservative insurrection.Ky GOP leadership, we expect the following:

1) Impeach Governor Beshear.

2) Pass Savannah Maddox ‘s BR130 and not a watered down substitute to reign in KRS 39A3) Pass a bill similar to BR130 to tighten the reins on KRS 13A.

4) Pass J. Tipton’s BR 280 Constitutional amendment to give Kentuckians the ability to recall elected officials.

5) Pass Savannah Maddox BR 301 to ensure that Kentuckians will not be FORCED to be immunized.

6) Pass M. Hart’s BR 884 that would prevent private and public post secondary schools from forcing their students to take vaccinations unless their field of study involves delivery of health care services.

7) Pass Savannah Maddox BR 931 relating to fairness in licensing during the Covid response.

8) DO NOT PASS a new gas tax bill. Fix the structural issues with the transportation budget first! Stop moving millions of dollars yearly from the transportation budget to the general fund and close the “Use it or lose it” loophole for counties requesting funds to buy road maintenance equipment. The most recent report is that transportation fund tax income is up 3%. KENTUCKIANS ARE TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!

9) DO NOT REINTRODUCE BILL HB 475 FROM THE 2020 SESSION to allow cities and counties to introduce a myriad of new taxes. We were able to stop it last year and we will bring unyielding pressure to stop it again!

These are our expectations at a minimum!We will be watching every committee vote and floor vote. This is what your conservative constituents expect from you.

Scott Hofstra, Spokesperson, United Kentucky Tea Party