THANK YOU for joining us in retaking our legislature. For many of us — even if we’ve been liberty-minded for many years — standing up to the powers that be requires a courage we’ve never had to summon before, and a fierce determination to secure our medical freedom in the face of incredible challenges.

I’m all in. Appears you are, too. Welcome.

3 Things

  • Most Important Action: Subscribe (scroll to the bottom of the page) and ask every voter in your home, family to do the same! We need every KY voter on our list so when we call on your legislator, s/he asks, “What would you like me to do?” Until we have the numbers, they don’t care what we want. When we can turn an election — which can be done with 300-500 in most districts — suddenly they are all ears!!

What is MAFA KY again?

Make Americans Free Again Kentucky. To learn the basics about what we do and why, read over the homepage!

As a member of MAFA KY, you will receive one email a week with information about meetings, lawsuit updates, liberty events and medical freedom.

How we stay in touch

During the week, we communicate via encrypted phone chat apps. Here’s how to join:

  1. Download the apps Signal & Telegram, and create a profile.
  2. Add Sally Oh 859-550-3862 and Dawn Cloyd 859-492-8511 to your phone contacts.
  3. Text each of us and request that we add you to our contacts.
  4. Let us know which chats you want to join. We have several: a MAFA general chat, an events alerts, a health chat and the BAT Signal (only on Signal). The BAT is only for emergencies when you need people to show up at your side.

What else?

Please come to a meeting asap and hang with like-minded friends (meetings list in the sidebar). There is nothing like it. If there’s not a meeting in your area, consider starting one. We will help!!!

Check out the sidebar for actions and other resources. When you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us (email at the top of every page).

Again, welcome!!! You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.